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An intro to the 'Art World', and why you should get involved

As time progresses and the world slowly starts to open back up, many of the ventures that were created or heavily pursued during the peak of quarantining have since been expanded upon. Though it has been around for ages, art was one of the main catalysts getting people through the pandemic. Sure, you've heard of some of the top historic artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, but the more mainstream art becomes, most will begin to see the many, MANY talented artists who are currently with us today and the value they bring to society.

As with anything people don't know much about, there's initially hints of doubt, uncertainty, and even hesitation to learn more about the field in question. Take it from a guy who's been in the industry 5+ years as a certified art dealer, there is a ton of financial benefits in the art world. To even take it a step further, in a lot of ways, art can arguably be considered to be as good as of an investment as real estate. Now before you think to yourself, "This guy's lost his mind"...hear me out. Of course if you wanna talk about flat out investments, real estate appreciates the most in value. However, don't fool yourself into thinking that art hasn't proven to showcase the same type of appreciation in value, and with the meteoric rise of NFT's (Non-fungible tokens), value only continues to rise. The best (and slightly morbid) part about it, you no longer have to be deceased for your pieces to rise dramatically in value, contrary to popular belief. Not to mention, it's much easier to take hold of a piece of art than a major piece of land.

Consider this a teaser of things to come. There's much more to expand on and in the coming months, I will be expanding more and more on what the art world has to offer and why it's important to get involved ASAP. Consider me your insider to the art industry, NFT's, art shows, hyper realism, and investments. Stay tuned.

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