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Introducing 'FABA', the new age sports agency

After years and years of debates and wondering if athletes should be able to profit off of their name before they turn pro, it has finally come to fruition, athletes of all ages can make money off of their name, image, and likeness. Being that it just recently was passed over the summer, it's still new territory to navigate and with that comes many, many questions for both parents and students athletes. For students, it's "Who should I sign with? How much am I valued at? Will I make more at this school or that school?" As for parents, they are more so focused on who will be in charge of their child and who they should trust to put that type of responsibility on a kid still in high school (yes, you're still a kid), and who will help them navigate the muddy waters of the newly founded NIL deals. Though it may not seem like a big deal to most, the landscape of sports has changed forever.

This is where 'FABA' comes into play. Founded by the son of former general manager and senior VP of the NY Giants Jerry Reese Sr., JR Reese II put together one of the most revolutionary sports agencies to date. "But what makes it so revolutionary?", one might ask. Well look no further than asking the founder himself, who stated "We are backed by 50+ years of professional, collegiate, and high school sports knowledge, ranging through both men and women's sports. To be specific, every staff member has played a sport on the professional, collegiate, or high school level. So we bring people who have actually been through what these kids are going through. Relatable figures that can help mentor them are very important in their lives and it also brings a reassurance to parents that we are always looking out for what's best for their child. We are setting out to not only to provide greater financial opportunity for our athletes, but we want to set up these young men and women to ultimately have full control over their future and be set up well past just winning in sports, we want them to win in life."

NIL deals will become more and more relevant as time goes, and athletes from all over will start to benefit off of their name, and we are excited to see what the future holds! Our best guess? FABA will be a household name for years to come.

Follow @fabaagency or the founder @jrreeseii on instagram for more info!

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