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UT Vols add Ryan Damron to QB arsenal

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Ryan Damron has been in the conversation as the best QB in Tennessee for the last 4 years. Damron has made history as a 4-year starter at Henry County accumulating 6,056

passing yards, 60 passing TDs, 1,000 yards rushing, and 22 rushing TDs.

Damron tossed over 40 touchdowns last summer playing for Cam Newton's C1N black 7v7 team. Josh Heupel and the Vols are getting a major asset to the QB room.

Damron will push every QB in that locker room to be the best version of themselves. players with such qualities were born to face adversity and win.

Everyone is aware already aware of Niko Iamaleava, but the QB room better beware of Damron.

Damron turned down several other D1 schools for a chance to live his dream.

Damron was named USA TOP 100 Nashville regional camp MVP in 2022 .where he received the MVP award for NFL executive Jerry Reese

Contact us for info on the next camp.

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