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2022 WR Shows Promise During Senior Campaign

“An extremely hard worker and great overall person” is how Kell High School head football coach, Bobby May, describes WR Travis Booker. Booker plays his High School ball down in Marietta, Georgia at Westlake High School. The talented receiver competes against some of the best competition in Georgia and America, going head to head against players and schools in 6A Georgia.

Team Contributions Booker contributed to an incredible season for Westlake, going 10-3 with two playoff wins. Westlake ultimately fell to Carrollton 37-32 in the third round of the playoffs. Booker totaled 6 receptions and 67 yards during the playoff loss. Booker led Westlake in receiving, totaling 36 receptions, 392 yards, and 4 Touchdowns in a run-heavy offense. Former Westlake HC Speaks on Booker I was able to speak with current Kell High School head football Coach, Bobby May about his former player. May coached Booker during his time at Westlake HS, but just recently took the Head Coaching position at Kell High School. “He is one of the hardest workers I have ever coached,” Mays says. “A great all-around person, student, and athlete. He has great hands, strength, and runs great routes!”

Skill Set Booker has shown his ability to catch balls in traffic throughout his career. Despite standing 5’10, Booker plays bigger than he is. He has a wide and tall catch radius and if the ball hits his hands, he will catch it. He is a great red zone threat, as he is able to go up and take it away from defenders. Maybe the most underrated phase of his game is his RAC ability. Booker doesn't get his RAC with speed, but with strength. He never lets one defender take him down, making it a group effort for defenders trying to bring him to the ground. Booker has an incredible ability to break tackles in the open field and reads downfield blocks very well.

What’s in Store for Booker? Although he stands 5’10 and 180 lbs, Booker projects as an outside receiver at the next level due to his skill set. With a little more speed, Booker could develop into a great slot-WR. Just today, Booker committed to play at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).


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